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Cyber Security

IAI provides practical and customized solutions for protecting the network, the information, and the overall system. We use advanced technologies and have extensive hands-on experience with wireless network security, cyber-attack analysis and mitigation, and cyber security testing and training. Our practical research and development is guided by the latest cryptographic theories. IAI’s long history of collaborating with leading technology vendors, academic researchers and federal program managers helps us understand specific problems and tailor our solutions.

Examples of our cyber security solutions include:

  • A Self-shielding Dynamic Network Architecture (SDNA), that fundamental changes the nature of the network by introducing cryptographically strong dynamics. SDNA provides an IPv6-based integrated security architecture allowing multiple types of dynamics to be constructively combined.
  • An enterprise network security analysis and dynamic situational awareness tool, NIRVANA, leverages practical and efficient graphical models and inference/analysis algorithms to assist system administrators and cyber analysts.
  • The foundation for enterprise network monitoring and cyber behavior anomaly detection and integrating it into a software tool for automatic cyber behavior analysis, called NetBEAM.
  • A virtualization-based approach to application protection, Smart AppShield, which monitors the information flow among applications, and enforces security polices to regulate secure information flow.
  • The HIdden Node multi-level Detection and Localization (HINDL) system to detect hidden nodes in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs).
  • Light-weight signing and verification methods by adapting efficient cryptographic methods, to enable secure routing for Airborne Networks.
  • A Trustful Computing Framework for Embedded Systems (TCES) for AFRL, by deploying a hybrid approach consisting of high level security assurance in the hardware and high flexibility in the software component.
  • A set of security mechanisms on admission control, network access control, and network access maintenance, and integrating them into a secure and reliable Wireless Sensor Network based industrial control system.


Large Enterprise Network Testbed for Cyber Analysis is an enterprise network testbed for various attack emulation and defense strategy evaluation. It consists of an in-house OpenStack-based server cluster capable of managing 500+ virtual machines, seven production level switches, 50+ routers, 20+ PCs, 30+ laptops, six workspaces, and a variety of networking equipment supporting both Windows and Linux OSs. This testbed can be used to reproduce a variety of scenarios for evaluating network protocols and security techniques.

Wireless Network Evaluation and Testing: IAI’s wireless network evaluation and testing environment can be used to reproduce a variety of scenarios for evaluating wireless network protocols and various security solutions. It consists of over a hundred 802.11 type wireless nodes, over thirty 802.15.4 type wireless sensor nodes, and 10+ DARPA LANdroid robots that contain both 802.11-based radios and a full Linux OS. These wireless nodes can be connected either to IAI’s RF-Nest™ hardware, or in the case of the robots, programmed to move through the environment to play out a target scenario.

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JANASSURE is a software tool that automatically extracts enterprise network topologies from both IPv4 and IPv6 perspectives to determine connectivity and potential security risks. The extracted topology, combined with other IPv6 transition detection mechanisms, is utilized to check against security policies in order to assess and validate the current security status and IPv6 transition mechanisms.

NIRVANA (Network Intrusion Risk and Vulnerability Analysis) is a network security management tool that provides comprehensive security analysis in enterprise networks. NIRVANA integrates attack graphs and application/mission dependency graphs to provide an integrated network security management tool.

NETBEAM, a software tool for Network Behavior Analysis and Monitoring has an agent based distributed security architecture for automatic cyber behavior analysis. It collects and integrates network-level macro behavior analysis and host-level micro behavior analysis for cyber behavior anomaly detection, analysis and mitigation. Network and application failure information are combined with detection for integrated and comprehensive cyber behavior attribution and analysis.

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