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IAI is actively engaged in research, development and the transition of innovative health related applications, systems and technologies. We are leader in developing mobile health solutions that fully engage the user by going beyond basic interactions and providing new functionalities that leverage the power of mobile platforms. IAI is active in health-IT and informatics focused on the areas of clinical decision support, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), health data mining, and natural language processing. We leverage our extensive experience in developing innovative sensors, devices, and systems for biomedical applications. We develop serious games including web, first-person, social, mobile, and massively multiplayer online games for improving health, and for assisting therapy, behavior changes and health education. IAI is an industry leader in large-scale, agent-based distributed modeling and simulation, and has developed innovative solutions in the areas of medical logistics and operations.

IAI’s health-related clients and collaborators include Health and Human Services (including CDC and NIH), Department of Defense (including Army, Navy, DARPA, and Air Force), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and several businesses and universities.

IAI’s mobile health solutions include MOXIEfit, a motivational weight loss/fitness virtual coach mobile application integrated with Aetna’s CarePass and on Google Play. This product uses technology that IAI initially developed for the Army to help soldiers adhere to their rehabilitation programs. Another solution is ListEn, a voice-based Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) assessment engine that provides objective, content-independent, consistent, and scalable monitoring for post-traumatic stress. Our Medication Ingestion Compliance and Adherence Monitoring System (MEDICAM) is a mobile-based medication adherence solution for clinical trial and at-home patients.

IAI’s health IT and informatics solutions include a Data Mining System for Studying Environmental Impact of Nanomaterials (NEIMiner) and a Geographic Information Systems tool (GISTe) for substance abuse epidemiologists. Our ABMiner tool is an Agent-based bioscience data miner for data extraction, transformation, pattern classification, and prediction. Our Integrated, Extensible and Real-time Cognitive Readiness Assessment Tool evaluates the underlying cognitive capacity of individual soldiers and teams to complete a mission. IAI’s Virtual PTSD Clinical Assistant (VPCA) provides clinical decision support with Watson-like predictive analytics, with cloud computing and mobile interface.

IAI’s biomedical systems include KineSys MedSim, a Hands-free Kinetic System for Medical Simulation, and ESPRIT, a human motion capture tool from a single camera system for exercise sensing and pose recovery. Our Multi-Axial Cartesian-based Arm Rehabilitation Machine (MACARM) provides the clinician full 6 DOF control over the arm's trajectory and mechanical environment.

IAI’s modeling and simulation solutions include our Medical Capability Simulation and Evaluation Tool (MCSET) that expands the Army’s OneSAF simulation environment to include high fidelity medical capabilities (new and existing) within tactical/operational simulations. IAI’s flagship agent-based framework CybelePro® can be easily adapted to other large-scale scenarios such as infectious disease surveillance and outbreak management.


IAI’s Health Technologies activities utilize the Training and Human factors Observational Research Laboratory (THOR lab), Robotics and Electromechanical Systems Lab, Prototype Development Laboratory, Sensing and Communications Laboratory, and Signal Processing Laboratory

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MOXIEfit™ is the first smart phone application to provide a virtual personal trainer who motivates and supports users by creating a weight loss program and providing personalized coaching during workouts to help users stay motivated. It uses MOXIEmatch™, an adaptive music feedback system that matches songs from the user’s music library to the workout tempo. (more)

ABMiner: IAI's agent-based meta-optimization data mining software product contains more than 400 machine learning algorithms for both supervised and unsupervised learning, and its optimization-engine finds the best algorithm for a given problem based on optimization theory. (more)

CybelePro©’s award winning agent infrastructure is used extensively by government, industry and academia for applications such as robotics, planning & scheduling, data-mining, modeling & simulation, and control of air and ground transportation systems, communication networks and cross-enterprise systems. (more)

GISTe is IAI’s Open Source GIS tool for researchers and planners who work with research data that have geo-spatial attributes. GISTe provides simple-to-use interface to study novel spatial context of the data including geo-temporal trend, clustering, and multivariate models, without requiring elaborate set up and network connectivity. (more)

MACARM Multi-Axis Cartesian-based Arm Rehabilitation Machine (MACARM), is a novel device for the quantitative assessment and rehabilitation of 6 Degree-Of-Freedom (DOF) arm movements following a stroke. being developed in partnership with the Chicago Rehabilitation Institute Research Corporation. This device will be the first to facilitate the direct quantitative assessment and training of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), which can lead to the development of advanced therapeutic techniques.

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